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Amazing Face-Paintings Transform Models Into The 2D Works Of Famous Artists

by  Valeriya Kutsan

If this isn’t the tightest shit you’ve seen then get the hell out of my face.

I’ve reblogged this before, so I’m doing it again.

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A Look Inside Turkey’s Hierapolis-Pamukkale “Cotton Palace”

For more photos and videos from Pamukkale, browse the #Pamukkale hashtag and explore the Pamukkale Traventleri location page.

In Turkey’s southwest province of Denizli, white pools cover the landscape around a tiny cliffside village called Pamukkale, meaning “Cotton Palace” in Turkish. As calcium carbonate deposits flow down from hot springs above, the sediment collects in the lower limestone pools and shapes their snowy appearance. People have bathed in the Hierapolis-Pamukkale pools since 200 BCE when the ancient city of Hierapolis was erected near the top of the terrace to provide proximity to the spring and its restorative benefits. Today, local and visiting Instagrammers alike make the trek to partake in the ancient traditions and share the view of the valley below.

10/15/2014 14:09

Lumière Brothers - The Serpentine Dance (c.1899)

Each frame was individually hand-tinted using stencils and colored dyes. It was a laborious, manual process, and it was first employed to recreate Loïe Fuller’s stage magic; acclaimed for its early use of chromatic theatrical lights that illuminated the dancer’s flowing white silk.

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Flowers Portraits by Duy Anh Nhan Duc ll

Represented by the same studio of Lara Kiosses, vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc has collaborated with photographer Isabelle Chapuis for two poetical series : “Etamine” and “Dandelion”. This serie of portraits focuses on a man dressed up and masked by carnations’, anemones’, iris’ and chrysanthemum’s petals.

10/12/2014 20:01


Meet Garfi, the world’s angriest cat. The seemingly wrathful kitty, who lives with his owner Hulya Ozkok in Turkey, has a permanently furrowed brow that just naturally makes him appear like a fluffy, orange ball of rage.

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I watch for the plot

→ ‘Arrow’ Edition

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Street Art

"graffiti isnt art its just vandalism"

The creativity is absolutely amazing

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